This is a proof of concept to build a flexible "cck on the fly" interface with drupal 6.

With CCK admins create content types, add fields and their order. But this is kind of static for editors. What if content creators can choose content fields and their order while editing a node...?

The main work was done in 12 hours + additional 12 hours for tweaking and adding some sweetness/icons. There is still a lot of work to do depending on how to use this kind of content editing in the wild.

You can watch a screencast which was recorded after the first 12 hours of rough work: http://screenr.com/orx

The concept in short:
Every piece of content is a node. Different content types for different content elements. Setting up new content types is easy. Every piece has a nodereference pointing to an article node, so articles are parenthesis for content elements.

The only content which is saved by the article itself is node title. Views attach builds the list of content elements per article. Draggable views reorders them. Popups API helps to have a smoother workflow while the article stays in the background. The icons are added by hand for views-fields like "edit node" etc. The "[ + ] Add content" elements are saved in views footer. Added some CSS to fusebasic theme. Voilà! :-)

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See a list of used modules.

Join the discussion:

English: http://groups.drupal.org/node/51023
German: http://www.drupalcenter.de/node/6953

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cheers, @rokr :-)
(Ronald Krentz)

-- last update 2014-04-21